It-pieces you need for Autumn

You want to know which must -have pieces you have to get for Fall 2019? Get some inspiration, how to wear and combine the must haves? I will help you to create you shopping cart for autumn 2019!

Seeing all the outfits of the famous bloggers and celebrities makes us fall in love with all the pieces they are wearing. So I tried to put them all together and me shopping easier for you.

Most important pieces

Leather everywhere

It’s getting colder and all the leather pieces are coming back again! Combing them with some basics makes every outfit to something special! Leather pants, leather skirts, leather blouses

Having the right trousers

But don’t forget to get the right trousers for fall, without any wholes. It’s all about wide trousers, flared jeans or classic trousers. So go and get yours because they are selling out really quick!

Jackets you really need

Now let’s talk about the jackets. Mixed styles are coming up – from classics, to super fancy and back to sporty. Having all of this styles is perfect, because you can create some many different looks.

Bright colors for colder weather

Don’t forget to add some color to your fall must-haves this year as people take bright colors with them into the colder season as well and I just really love it! Combining bright colors with dark outfits makes life fresher than it is!

I hope this article helps you to get your must-haves for this season! Leave me some feedback below in the comments and make sure to follow me on Instagram to get daily updates!

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