How to make Ice-Cream at home, that tastes good and looks good.


I was always wondering, how to make good ice-cream at home. But now as I figured out how to make it I’m enjoying it every day. And the best thing about it is, that it’s so easy. The problem is just that we always think to complicated and forget about the easiest possible things.

For this reason i just wanted to show you some variations I’m enjoying at the moment, But there are so many other possible ways to do it. So I will always write some possible options to the side as well to have more different tastes.

The first important thing before you want to make ice-cream is to buy the cups (or tubes) which are specially for self-made ice-cream. And then of course going to the supermarket and buying your favorite ingredients.

Shopping list example: frozen berries, milk, yoghurt, apple puree, bananas, kinder bueno, fresh blueberries or raspberries


Raspberry Apple puree ice-cream

  • put some raspberries to the ground but try not to stuff them too much
  • add the apple puree on the top and try to make it flew down to the ground between the raspberries so that they hold together
  • now freeze
  • in order to make some changes – just use different berries or different apple purees as there are many different flavors

Mixed berries oat milk ice-cream

  • cook the mixed berries for a few minutes and many also add some water as the liquid is very important (to change the receipt you can also crash some cookies like Kinder Bueno or Oreo Cookies)
  • put it into the ice-cream holder to the ground
  • and now add some oat milk to fill it up (of course you can use any milk you like I love oat milk at the moment thats why I used it)

Banana Bread Crumble ice-cream

  • mash a banana
  • mix it up with a porridge and some milk (you can also add some maple sirup to make it tasty)
  • put the mix into the ice-cream holder and top it up with some blueberries
  • finally fill it up with some milk so that the holder is full and everything together freezes

Now wait for 4-6 hours or just prepare it one day before you want to eat it so it is frozen for sure the next day.

And the very last special – you can melt some chocolate and put it on your ice-cream and then top it with some nuts!

I hope you will enjoy it! Send me some pictures of your results or of course of your changes! Can’t wait! 🙂 xx Nicole

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